Monday, 27 March 2017

Kepler's Last Swim

Thanks Jed for app-smashing and putting together this poster of our last day of swimming for the term.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Meet the very cool kid Kase.

 Welcome to my blog post. Hi, I am Kase from Spreydon but now from Springston School. This is my cool avatar. Watch out for my new blog coming soon!

Meet the new kid - Kobe

Hi my name is Kobe I am the new cool kid at School I have came from Spreydon. 

This is my avatar or my suit I like suits because they look cool. I like headphones because they look cool  because I look like a high school kid.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Check out this very cool short story. We need to map the storyline to see how a good short story is constructed.

Tuesday Challenge:
Try watching this movie step by step and writing a sentence as you go - just like our last movie. Watch it in a team and help each other with WOW words, description and effective similies you might use.

Here is a word bank to get you started....
impending doom
made a plan

Drawing Tutorial Playlists

This week in FIE we are focusing on managing our impulsivity (showing self control) by slowing down and being accurate and precise in our Organisation of Dots Instrument.

Here are some drawing tutorials which give us a chance to practise our self control, be accurate and precise AND follow explicit instructions:

How to draw dogs playlist 

How to draw Lego DC Comics

How to draw Moana Characters